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What is RQ®?

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The annual Reputation Quotient study always reveals interesting findings about business.  We’ve put all the topline findings in the Summary Report. Closer looks at specific industries are available as well.  Download the summaries here.

2017 Reputation Quotient Summary Report (Overall Findings)

2017 Reputation Quotient Financial Services Report

2017 Reputation Quotient Automotive Report

Measuring Reputation Since 1999

The Harris Poll Reputation Quotient (RQ®) measures the reputations of the most visible companies in the U.S., as perceived by the general public.

The annual RQ® has been conducted since 1999 and has provided leaders with decision making insight to proactively manage corporate reputation, identify risks and opportunities, and enable benchmarking against the best in class.

In RQ®, we evaluate perceptions of corporate reputation and assess the relationship between reputational equity and supportive behaviors, such as trust in your company to do the right thing when faced with a product or service issue, willingness to say something positive, and intent to purchase or recommend your products and services.


Six Dimensions of Reputation

Since 1999, Harris Poll Reputation Quotient research has evaluated public perceptions across 20 attributes, classified into six dimensions of corporate reputation. This allows for the ability to reliably trend performance over time and identify industry and company specific drivers of corporate reputation.



Nominations Phase

The Annual RQ study begins with a Nomination Phase which is used to identify the companies with the most “visible” reputations according to the General Public. All respondents are asked to name companies that stand out as having the best and worst reputations overall. Two open-end questions are used:

  • Of all the companies that you’re familiar with or that you might have heard about, which TWO - in your opinion - stand out as having the BEST reputations overall?
  • Of all the companies that you’re familiar with or that you might have heard about, which TWO - in your opinion - stand out as having the WORST reputations overall?

Nominations from all interviews are tallied with subsidiaries and brand names collapsed within the parent company. Online nominations are summed to create a total number of nominations for each company. The final list of the 100 most visible companies in the U.S. is measured in the RQ Ratings Section.

This year’s nomination interviews took place online between September 13-15 and October 4-6, 2016 among 4,092 U.S. adults to identify the top 100 “most visible” companies.

Ratings Phase

The RQ Ratings phase survey is conducted online in English and takes place among the general public, adults 18+. Respondents are randomly assigned to rate two of the companies with which they are “very” or “somewhat” familiar. After the first company rating is completed, the respondent is given the option to rate the second company. Each interview lasts approximately 20 minutes. Each company was rated by approximately 300 adults 18+.

Outlined in the table below is the method of data collection for this phase, as well as the dates of interview, total number of interviews, number of companies measured, and average total number of ratings per company.

This year’s rating interviews took place online between November 28 and December 16, 2016 among 23,633 U.S. adults to obtain an average of approximately 300 ratings per company.


We offer an array of reporting options to help leaders proactively manage their corporate reputation and deliver business value:

Standard Report: Corporate reputation on all metrics compared to the average of the top 10 ranked companies (top 10 composite) among the 100 most visible companies

Industry Deep Dive: Company reputation compared to individual companies included in an industry (as defined in study), the industry composite (average of the companies in the selected industry), and the top 10 composite

Custom Analysis: Company reputation compared to as many as 10 companies (client selects companies), and the top 10 composite

For more information on RQ, please contact us.

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