Beer and Sports Go Hand-in-Hand, Almost Always

Imbibers associate beer first with most sports, with the exception of horse racing and tennis

Sports 484

6 in 10 Americans say Athlete is a Prestigious Occupation

Most adults would encourage a child to pursue becoming an athlete

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Pro Football is Still America’s Favorite Sport

Pro baseball and college football continue to round out the top three

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He Shoots, He Scores! Americans Still See Michael Jordan as the Greatest Sports Star of All Time

Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams and Peyton Manning round out the top five

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Americans Growing More Concerned About Head Injuries in Football

Limiting aggressive tackles one option favored by many, HealthDay/Harris Poll finds

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The Dallas Cowboys are Back on the Horse as America’s Favorite Football Team

Should the Super Bowl move to President’s Day weekend? Almost half of football fans say “yes”

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Is LeBron James Americans’ Favorite or Least Favorite Sports Star? Yes!

Serena Williams is America’s Favorite Female Sports Star for the sixth year running

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