Politics 428

Presidents' Day Poll: Lincoln Seen as Best President, Reagan as Best Since World War II

Republicans and Democrats have very different opinions of Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon and Kennedy

Politics 67

American Majority Sides with LGBT Rights, Though so-called “Bathroom Bills” Cause Division

54% support “bathroom bills” and 6 in 10 agree a gender-neutral bathroom option should be required in public buildings

Politics 759

Obama’s Approval Ratings Highest on Record since First Year in Office

Democrats, Millennials, and Parents are among those most likely to rate the 44th President positively

Politics 322

A Majority of Americans – Across Party Lines – Feel the Country is on the Wrong Track

Adults are split on whether the economy will improve, stay the same, or get worse

Politics 306

Founder of The Harris Poll, Louis Harris, Died Saturday December 17, 2016

Research industry mourns loss of innovative pollster and shaper of public opinion

Politics 94

Half of Americans Continue to Support Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Increasing numbers feel legalization should be a state decision

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