A Majority of Americans – Across Party Lines – Feel the Country is on the Wrong Track

Adults are split on whether the economy will improve, stay the same, or get worse

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Founder of The Harris Poll, Louis Harris, Died Saturday December 17, 2016

Research industry mourns loss of innovative pollster and shaper of public opinion

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Half of Americans Continue to Support Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Increasing numbers feel legalization should be a state decision

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Women Usually Exceed Men in Voter Turnout; But Today, Men Have Higher Intentions to Vote

Among likely voters, Democrats are more likely than Republicans and Independents to be satisfied with the choices available to them for president

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Pulse On The Polls: More than 4 in 5 Americans Planning to Vote Next Week

Just over half of likely voters say they would feel comfortable voting online

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Americans Fed Up With Soaring Drug Prices: HealthDay/Harris Poll

Large majorities now favor price caps, Medicare's right to negotiate costs

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Clinton Edges Trump on Health Care, Poll Finds

But support for either in this area still far from overwhelming

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