Harris Polls in the News Below you'll find a few Harris Polls and some of the media attention they captured

Remembering Lou Harris

A selection of Harris Polls written by our founder Louis Harris


Featured on Good Morning America, PIX 11 News, and more

Ugly Produce

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Supermarket News, and more

Happiness Index 2016

Featured in TIME and Biz Report

Online Food Purchasing

Featured in Progressive Grocer, Grocery Headquarters, and more

Prestigious Occupations

Infographics inspired by The Harris Poll's November 2015 survey on Prestigious Occupations

Business News Coverage on Reputation Quotient®

Featured in The Seattle Times, San Antonio Express News, and more

America's Favorite Movie Stars

Featured in Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, and more

The Greatest Sports Stars of All Time

Featured in ESPN, The Huffington Post, and more