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Less Than 1 In 5 Adults Have Ever Heard Of Selective Mutism

Awareness of selective mutism is low even among those who personally know a child or teen unable to speak in certain social settings

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Less than Half of Adults Are Concerned About the Planet They Are Leaving Behind For Future Generations

Adults with children in their households are especially likely to care about the environment

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Apple and Pizza Vie for Americans’ Favorite Pie

7 in 10 say the filling – not the crust – is the best part

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One in Ten Alcohol Buyers Purchase Alcohol Online

Half of online buyers pick up their purchase in-store

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Mean-Spirited or Careless? Regardless of Intention, “Retarded” Remains a Common Insult Heard Among Adults and Teens

4 in 10 adults feel there is nothing wrong with using “the R-word” to describe a thing or situation

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Many Americans Unaware of 'Superbug' Dangers: Poll

Most say they know little about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and half think antibiotics work against viruses

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