CEOs: We Have a Reputation Problem

Harris Poll: Half of Americans Say CEOs Have a Bad Reputation

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Corporate Reputation is Politically Polarized

Republicans View Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby Reputations More Favorably

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A Jumpstart on Holiday Shopping: 4 in 10 Americans Started Shopping by Mid-October

Yet by early December, nearly 2 in 10 holiday shoppers have yet to begin shopping

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Cosmetic Consumers Continue to Shop In-Person

About 9 in 10 purchasers of most cosmetics and grooming products buy in-person

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2016 Out & Equal Workplace Survey

2 in 3 Americans Today Favor Federal Nondiscrimination Protections for LGBT People

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Eight in Ten Americans Say Appearance is At Least Somewhat Important When Shopping for Fresh Produce

But six in ten adults say they would feel at least somewhat comfortable eating “ugly produce”

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3 in 5 Adults Would Encourage a Child to Pursue a Career as a Video Game Developer/Designer

Just under 2 in 5 Americans consider video game developer/designer a prestigious occupation

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